Mohsen Hojaji

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Mohsen Hojaji
Death of Mohsen Hojaji.png
Mohsen Hojaji looks at the camera while an ISIS fighter is holding him with a knife at hand with black smoke rising from the overtaken camp.[1]
Native name
محسن حججی
Born(1991-07-12)12 July 1991
Najafabad, Isfahan Province, Iran
Died9 August 2017(2017-08-09) (aged 26)[2]
Al Waleed border crossing, Syria
Najafabad, Isfahan Province, Iran
Service/branchIslamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
Years of serviceUnknown–2017
RankThird lieutenant
Unit8th Najaf Ashraf Armored Division
Battles/warsSyrian Civil War Executed
Spouse(s)Zahra Abbasi[1]
Children1 son

Mohsen Hojaji (12 July 1991 – 9 August 2017) was an Iranian military officer. He served as an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) adviser to the pro-government forces in Syria during the Syrian Civil War. He was captured by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) forces near al-Tanf in southeast Syria, and was beheaded two days later. ISIS published a video of his capture, a picture of which went viral among Iranians in social media. His captivity and subsequent murder received widespread reaction among the Iranian people, government, and military.


Mohsen Hojaji was an IRGC member operating in Syria as part of an advisory team to the pro-government forces during the Syrian Civil War.[3][unreliable source?] On 7 August 2017, ISIS led a surprise attack near al-Tanf,[3] Syria near the Syrian-Iraqi border against a pro-government outpost comprising IRGC military advisers, including Hojaji. After two hours of fighting, an ISIS suicide bomber killed a number of people. Hojaji was wounded in his side and the right arm, according to the commander of his division, and was taken as captive after being surrounded by ISIS members.[4][1][5] ISIS published videos of the attack and of Hojaji's capture.[1][5] Hojaji was beheaded two days later.[6]


A still image from the second video went viral on social media. It shows an ISIS fighter with a knife at hand holding Hojaji, who is dressed in military uniform and gazing at the camera, with black smoke rising from the overtaken camp. Many compared the expressions of the ISIS soldier, who looks "anxious", with that of Hojaji.[1]

Hojaji's captivity and subsequent murder received widespread reaction among people and government of Iran, including senior figures and IRGC commanders, such as Hassan Rouhani's vice president, commander of IRGC Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of the IRGC Ground Forces, Mohammad Pakpour, head of Quds Force, Qasem Soleimani, who sent a message to Hajaji's wife and son,[1][7] and the Iranian Army.[8] Many Iranian celebrities, artists, and sports people also reacted to the incident,[9] such as the footballer Mehdi Taremi,[10] singer and musician Alireza Assar,[11] and Rambod Javan.[9] Reactions from outside Iran include Syrian ambassador to Iran Adnan Hassan Mahmoud[12] and Iraqi cleric and politician Ammar al-Hakim.[12]

Hojaji's funeral in Isfahan

In a statement issued on August 31, the public relations department of the IRGC Ground Force said a DNA test confirmed the identity of the body delivered to the Lebanese Hezbollah earlier in the day as Hojaji.[13] Hezbollah received Hojaji's body from ISIS based on a ceasefire deal between the two sides.[14] The transfer of Lebanon's captured soldiers and remains of the dead, as well as Hojaji's body, took place after the buses carrying ISIS militants and their families arrived in the ancient city of Palmyra in Homs.[13]

A funeral procession was held for Hojaji in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on September 27, 2017. Thousands of people took to the streets for his funeral.[15] The funeral began from the Imam Hussein square in downtown Tehran. Ali Khamenei prayed over Hojaji's casket and spoke to his family, praising their fortitude.[16] Many Iranian artists memorialized his death in videos and paintings.[17][18]

Following the funeral procession, Hojaji was buried on September 28, 2017. He was buried in his hometown of Najaf Abad in Isfahan Province in central Iran.[19]


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