Mohsen Pezeshkpour

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Mohsen Pezeshkpour
Mohsen Pezeshkpour.jpg
Born c. 1927
Tehran, Persia
Died 6 January 2011(2011-01-06) (aged 83–84)
Resting place Iran
Residence Tehran, Iran
Nationality Iranian
Political party Pan-Iranist Party
Movement Pan-Iranism

Mohsen Pezeshkpour (c. 1927–January 6, 2011) (Persian: محسن پزشک‌پور‎‎) was an Iranian politician and the co-founder and leader of the Pan-Iranist Party, which is also seen as the Old Nationalist Party of Iran. Two attempts were made on his life, believed to be orchestrated by the Iranian Government. He was loved by supporters of the Pan Iranist party for being a leader who believed in a unified and strong Iran.


He was born in 1927 in Tehran. In the early years of his life, he witnessed the Invasion of Iran by the Allied Forces (including USA, Britain and Soviet Union). This invasion awakened the nationalist feeling in Iran and strengthened the core of the Pan-Iranian feeling.

Pan-Iranian school was established by a group of young nationalist Iranians with the leadership of Pezeshkpour in 1947. This school had political roots in 1941. The Organisation was already working under other names and titles before 1947. Following the death of Alireza Raes (on 8 June 1946), a charismatic figurehead within the party, the Party members centred their political activities around a set of coherent and more enduring goals.

He remained under house arrest under the Iranian government until his death in early 2011.[citation needed]