Mohsin Bhopali

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Mohsin Bhopali
Born Bhopal, British India
Died 17 January 2007
Karachi, Pakistan
Occupation Poet

Mohsin Bhopali (Urdu: محسن بھوپالی ‎) (born 1932 - 17 January 2007) was a Pakistani poet.[1][2] He was known for a travelogue Hairaton ki Sarzamin and a book of verses Shahr-i-Ashob in oppostion to the 1992 military operation in Karachi.[1]

He spent most of his life in Latifabad No. 8, Block C1, Hyderabada Sind, He lost his voice because of his throat cancer that was operated abroad. He highlighted the suffering of Muhajirs who migrated from India after partition. His famous verse is

nairañgī-e-siyāsat-e-daurāñ to dekhiye manzil unheñ milī jo sharīk-e-safar na the


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