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Mohsin Bhopali (Urdu: محسن بھوپالی ‎) (born 1932, Bhopal, British India - January 17, 2007, Karachi, Pakistan) was an acclaimed Urdu poet from Pakistan.[1]


Born in Bhopal, British India, Mohsin Bhopali later migrated to Pakistan. Bhopali made his mark in poetry with ghazals, but gradually won acclaim especially in "Qataa" (4-line or 2 couplet poetry) and other forms including poems, nazmana (his invention which is an afsana short story in two parts, or short poem) and also worked to introduce Japanese Haiku style poems to Urdu Poetry. He was a disciple of Seemab Akbarabadi and Saba Mathravi.[1] His associates included Qabil Ajmeri, Alamtab Tashna, Raees Amrohvi, Athar Nafees, Surror Bara Bankvi, Qateel Shifai, Manzar Bhopali, Sahar Ansari, Jameel Udding Aali, Peerzadah Qasim and especially his childhood and Alexandra High School, Bhopal friend Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan.


He is known for his Qataa (stanzas), poems and his ghazals. Perhaps the best known of his ghazals is Chahat main kya Duniyadari Ishq main kesi Majboori.[citation needed]

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