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Dr. Mohua Mukherjee (born August 1952) is a social activist and an author from Kolkata, West Bengal. She was schooled at Gokhale Memorial School, Kolkata. She married Alok Mukherjee in 1974. Her achievements include social activism, writing, documentary and short film making, artistry, theatre work and socio-economic research about tribes of India. She is also founder of a non-governmental organization named "Sanyog Audio Visual and Welfare Society".


After marriage she took a freelance job at Hotel Oberoi Grand–Kolkata as an interior decorator. She joined St. Thomas Kidderpore as an art teacher. She started an art school at home for children, named ‘Rekhae Chonde’. She combined the art school with Indian classical dancing, the combination called "Rekahe" (for painting) and "Chonde" (for dancing). She also created a ‘Dance Drama Group" in Kolkata named "Roopkatha"..

She started social work through projects in conjunction with UNICEF, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, WILD, AIIPH, World Health Organization and India-Canada Environment Facility (ICEF) through her own NGO named "Sanyog Audio Visual and Welfare Society", which focuses on issues such as homelessness and health. in urban and rural areas of West Bengal. She developed an interest on Tribal life and joined the movement for the welfare of tribes in rural Bengal and adjacent areas.

She also began working in journalism and has been published in newspapers and magazines such as “Ulto Rath”, “Shanonda”, “AnandaBazar Patrika”, “Bartaman” and “AajKaal”.

Books written by Mukherjee include Lal Maati Shaal Bon, Gohin Manush He, Chandoi Birhor and Birhor towards next Millennium.



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