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Mohyal is a caste with origins in Punjab region. Alternative spellings include Muhiyal, Muhial, Mhial, Mohiyal, Mahjal, or Mahthal. Mohyals can be Hindus, Sikhs, or Muslims.

The legend of Rahab Sidh Dutta[edit]

As per Mohyal folklore, a Mohyal of the Dutta clan had fought on behalf of Imam Hussain in the battle of Karbala, more specifically in the storming of Kufa- sacrificing his seven sons in the process. According to legend, Rahab Sidh Dutta (also mentioned as Rahib Sidh or Sidh Viyog Datt in some versions) was the leader of a small band of career-soldiers living near Baghdad around the time of the battle of Karbala. The legend mentions the place where he stayed as Dair-al-Hindiya, meaning "The Indian Quarter", which matches an Al-Hindiya in existence today.[1] This legend occupies an important part in the Dutta clan's oral history,[2][3] and is considered a source of pride for them.[4]


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