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MoIP, or mobile communications over internet protocol,[1] is the mobilization of peer-to-peer communications including chat and talk using internet protocol via standard mobile communications applications including 3G, GPRS, Wi-Fi as well as Wimax. Unlike mobile VoIP, MoIP is not a VoIP program made accessible from mobile phones or a switchboard application using VoIP in the background. It is rather a native mobile application on users’ handsets and used to conduct talk and chat over the internet connection as its primary channel.

How MoIP (mobile) works[edit]

MoIP applications typically work without any proprietary hardware, are enhanced with real-time contact availability (presence) and save the users money by utilizing free Wi-Fi internet access or fixed internet data plans instead of GSM (talk) minutes. They are completely mobile-centric, designed and optimized specifically for mobile-handsets environment rather than the PC.[2]

Alternate definition[edit]

MoIP is also sometimes used to refer to:

  • Mobile VoIP
  • Modem over IP or Modem over VoIP
  • Media over Internet Protocol
  • Meetings Over IP
  • Messaging Over Internet Protocol
  • Missile On Internal Power
  • MPEG over IP


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