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Moira (Utrecht)

Coordinates: 52°05′49″N 5°07′25″E / 52.0970°N 5.1237°E / 52.0970; 5.1237
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The Moira complex, with the entry of the music hall on the far right
The Moira complex, with the entry of the music hall (the Zaal) on the right
Moira (Utrecht) is located in Netherlands
Moira (Utrecht)
General information
Statusmusic venue, art gallery, social centre, squat
AddressWolvenstraat 10, Utrecht
Coordinates52°05′49″N 5°07′25″E / 52.0970°N 5.1237°E / 52.0970; 5.1237
OpenedSquatted 1983
OwnerWoningcorporatie Portaal, managed by Stichting Moira

Moira is a music and arts venue in the city center of Utrecht, Netherlands.


The building at Wolvenstraat 10 was built in 1906. From 1939 until 1959, it was the Zegers dance school. The insurance company Moira turned it into a canteen, then after it became derelict it was squatted in 1983.[1] Legalized in 1990, it focuses on early career artists and innovative performances.[citation needed] Moira Foundation offers a stage to early career artists and musicians who have made little or no name in the established circuit. The exhibition space Moira organizes about ten events every year.[2] There is a weekly open mic night.[3]

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