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Mojolicious logo.png
Original author(s) Sebastian Riedel
Initial release September 24, 2008; 9 years ago (2008-09-24)[1]
Stable release
7.82[2] / May 27, 2018; 51 days ago (2018-05-27)
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Written in Perl
Type Web application framework
License PAL

Mojolicious is a real-time web application framework, written by Sebastian Riedel, creator of the web application framework Catalyst.[3] Licensed as free software under the Artistic License v 2.0, it is written in the Perl programming language, and is designed for use in both simple and complex web applications, based on Riedel's previous experience developing Catalyst.[4] Documentation for the framework was partly funded by a grant from The Perl Foundation.[5]

As it is written in Perl, Mojolicious can run on any of the many operating systems for which Perl is available, and can be installed directly from CPAN.[6] Prebuilt packages of Mojolicious are also available for NetBSD from pkgsrc[7] and for Microsoft Windows and other operating systems from ActiveState's Perl package manager.[8]



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