Mok Kwai-lan

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Mok Kwai-lan
Born (1892-10-15)15 October 1892
Nanhai, Guangdong
Died 3 November 1982(1982-11-03) (aged 90)
Hong Kong
Style Chinese martial arts
Hung Ga, Mok Gar
Occupation Martial artist
Spouse Wong Fei-hung
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Mok.
Mok Kwai-lan
Traditional Chinese 莫桂蘭
Simplified Chinese 莫桂兰

Mok Kwai-lan (Chinese: 莫桂蘭) was the fourth spouse of Lingnan martial arts grandmaster Wong Fei-hung. A native of Nanhai in Guangdong she married Wong when she was 23 and he was 59. Since Wong's previous wives had died young, he considered himself to be a hex on his wives and had sworn never again to take a wife; therefore although she would be his only spouse from the time of their marriage to his death, her union with him was as that of a concubine and not wife.

She moved to Hong Kong in the 1930s, continuing to school students in Wong's martial arts. From 1944 to 1969 she taught martial arts at the "Wong Fei-hung National Art Society" located on Gloucester Road in Hong Kong's Wanchai, later she would teach at the "Wong Fei-hung Physical Fitness Institute" until its close in 1980.

Portrayal in modern media[edit]