Mokhtar El-Tetsh Stadium

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El-Titsh Stadium (official name)
Full name Mokhtar El-Tetsh Stadium
Former names Al Ahly Stadium
Location Cairo, Egypt
Owner Al Ahly
Operator Al Ahly
Capacity 8,000
Record attendance 20,000
Surface Grass
Opened 1924
Al Ahly SC (Training Field)

El-Titsh Stadium(Arabic: ستاد مختار التتش بالجزيرة‎‎, often referred to as ) is one of Al Ahly SC club's sections that represent the club in Egypt and internationally


  • In 1924 Al Ahly decided to build his own stadium for the team.
  • In 1927 Al Ahly add a western stand in cost of 2500 Egyptian pound
  • Mokhtar El-Tetch Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Cairo, Egypt. It is currently used mostly for football matches and was the home of Al-Ahly before they moved to Cairo International Stadium because of the small capacity.
  • The stadium was named after famous Egyptian football star Mahmoud Mokhtar El-Tetsh. It is currently used as a training ground for Al-Ahly and also for friendlies against lower division clubs which usually don't attract more than 2,000 spectators.

The Names of the Stadium[edit]

  • The first time Al Ahly built the stadium it name was Al Ahly Stadium
  • In 1928 After the kingship Sponsored Al Ahly in time of King Foaud, Al Ahly change the name of his stadium to Prince Farouk Stadium

  • In 21 February 1965 After the death of Mahmoud Mokhtar El-Tetsh, Al Ahly decided to rename the stadium under the name of Mokhtar El-Tetch Stadium and it still founded till now
  • Conclusion of the Names
Dates Name
1924- 1928 Al Ahly Stadium
1928-1965 Prince Farouk Stadium
1965-Current Mokhtar El-Tetch Stadium

Mokhtar El-Tetch Stadium Renewal Stages[edit]

  • in 2009 Al Ahly Chairman Hassan Hamdy decided to renew the western stand after demolishing it and relaunched again in its new shape in 2010
  • in 2016 Al Ahly Chairman Mahmoud Taher in collaboration with of Sela Sport Company, they renewal the western stand again and add the team color on the stand

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Coordinates: 30°02′43″N 31°13′24″E / 30.04528°N 31.22333°E / 30.04528; 31.22333