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Mokhtar nameh poster.jpg
Genre History
Written by Davood Mirbagheri
Directed by Davood Mirbagheri
Starring Fariborz Arabnia
Farhad Aslani
Reza Kianian
Amin Zendegani
Mehdi Fakhimzadeh
Nasrin Moghanloo
Shahram Haghighat Doost
Reza Rouygari
Country of origin Iran
Original language(s) Persian
No. of episodes 40
Producer(s) Mahmoud Fallah
Sima Film
Cinematography Azim Javanrouh
Reza Ghaffari
Editor(s) Mehdi Hosseinivand
Running time 60 minutes
Distributor IRIB TV1

Mokhtarnameh is an Epic/History television series directed by Davood Mirbagheri, based on the life of Al-Mukhtar. Over 140 actors were cast in it.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

After years of farming and away from battlefield, Mukhtar returns to politics when Hasan ibn Ali is injured in his battle with Muawiyah's forces. Years later, Mukhtar arrives in Kufa to prepare for Ḥusayn ibn ‘Alī''s arrival. On Yazid's orders, Ibn Ziyad arrives and unites the people of Kufa against Husayn by using lies. Mukhtar is imprisoned to prevent riot. He is released after the battle of Karbala on Yazid's orders. Mukhtar vows to avenge Husayn's death. Needing allies, he travels to Mecca and meets Ibn Zubayr. Mukhtar helps Ibn Zubayr's brother, Mus'ab, defeat an Umayyad assault; but no alliance is made. Mukhtar returns to Kufa and unites the people now that Ibn Ziyad has returned to Damascus and Kufa is leaderless. Mukhtar expels Ibn Zubayr's appointed governor and takes control of the city. During the next years he kills almost all of Husayn's murderers, including Ibn Ziyad, Umar and Shimr, while battling both Umayyad caliph and Ibn Zubayr's armies. Eventually he is defeated by Mus'ab's army and retreats to his palace in Kufa. After one year, Mukhtar orders his forces to march and break the siege; but only few follow him outside. Mukhtar is killed and Mus'ab surprisingly orders all of Mukhtar's soldiers who have surrendered to be decapitated.


The series, which took five years to complete, includes 40 episodes and is produced by Sima Film. The story reviews the events leading to the martyrdom of the Imams and ends with the adolescence of Mukhtar. The film also deals with sixteen years of Mukhtar’s life and includes the death of Muawiyah, the succession of Yazid, and the events leading to Ashura and whatever related to the uprising of Mukhtar until his and his companions’ martyrdom.[2]



Music Mokhtarnameh Series made by Amir Tavassoli with in choir, is That Including 14 Tracks. is Singer music credits also Akbar Soltanali. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ramin Mazaheri in Baran Studio.

Track listing[edit]

Mokhtar Nameh
Soundtrack album by Amir Tavassoli
Released 2012
Genre International
Length 45:05
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Opening" Amir Tavassoli 03:35
2. "Yalasarat" Amir Tavassoli 02:21
3. "Mix" Amir Tavassoli 18:04
4. "The Martyrdom of Umreh" Amir Tavassoli 02:10
5. "Muslim ibn Aqeel Theme" Amir Tavassoli 03:18
6. "The Wheat Harvester" Amir Tavassoli 02:13
7. "Ashura" Amir Tavassoli 02:09
8. "Labbaik" Amir Tavassoli 02:03
9. "Mokhtar Theme" Amir Tavassoli 00:34
10. "Martyrdom of Mokhtar" Amir Tavassoli 02:08
11. "Mokhtar Narratives" Amir Tavassoli 02:31
12. "War" Amir Tavassoli 02:12
13. "Ode Lullaby Ali-e Asghar" Amir Tavassoli 01:52
14. "Ending" Amir Tavassoli 03:46

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