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This article discusses the Oahu offshore islet known as Moku Manu. "Moku Manu" is also a name for the Hawaiian island of Nihoa.
Moku manu from the air

Moku Manu, or "Bird Island" in the Hawaiian language, is an offshore islet of Oahu, three-quarters of a mile off Mokapu Peninsula. Moku Manu and an adjacent small islet are connected by an underwater dike. The island was formed from debris flung from a vent of the nearby Kailua Volcano. Its highest point is 202 feet high, bordered by near-vertical cliffs on many sides. Moku Manu is protected as a state seabird sanctuary like its neighbors to the south, Manana, Kāohikaipu, and Mōkōlea Rock. Regardless, landing by boat is nearly impossible due to the lack of a safe beach.

Moku Manu's isolated nature makes it an excellent nesting site. Eleven species of seabirds nest on Moku Manu, along with several migrating shorebirds.

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Coordinates: 21°28′12″N 157°43′12″W / 21.47000°N 157.72000°W / 21.47000; -157.72000