Molde Idrettspark

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Molde idrettspark
Molde idrettspark IMG 0289.jpg
Former names Molde stadion (–1998)
Location Molde, Norway
Coordinates 62°44′26″N 7°09′19″E / 62.740479°N 7.155275°E / 62.740479; 7.155275Coordinates: 62°44′26″N 7°09′19″E / 62.740479°N 7.155275°E / 62.740479; 7.155275
Owner Molde Municipality
Capacity 15,000
Record attendance 14,615
Surface Grass
All-weather running track
Opened 28 August 1955
SK Træff (football)
IL Molde-Olymp (athletics)
Molde FK (football, 1955–1998)

Molde idrettspark, until 1998 known as Molde stadion, is a multi-purpose stadium located in Molde, Norway. It serves as the home ground for the athletics team IL Molde-Olymp and the football clubs SK Træff and reserve and development teams of Molde FK. Prior to the 1998 opening of Aker Stadion it also served as the home ground for Molde FK's Norwegian Premier League team. The stadium opened on 28 August 1955 and has a capacity for 15,000 spectators.


The venue opened on 28 August 1955 in a league match between Molde FK and Kristiansund FK, with the home team winning 1–0. Until then Molde FK had been playing their games at Rivalbanen.[1] Molde played in the top league, the Main League in 1958, after which the stadium was not used for top-level football again until Molde was promoted to the 1974 Norwegian First Division. That year saw an expansion of the terraces. The seated stand was built by the club in the mid-1980s. However, the costs were too much for the club to bear and was a contributing factor to the club's near bankruptcy in 1991. The record attendance of 14,615 dates from a 1987 match against Moss FK. The A-team moved to Molde Stadion (now Aker Stadion) in 1998.[2]


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