Moldova Steel Works

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Moldova Steel Works
Joint stock
Industry Steel
Founded 1985
Headquarters Rîbniţa
Products Steel
Steel products
Revenue US$ 500 million (2006)
Number of employees
Website Official site

Moldova Steel Works (in Russian: Молдавский металлургический завод; abbreviated as MMZ) is a steel producing company in Transnistria. It accounts more than half of Transnistrian industrial output. The company was privatized in 1998, when 75% of shares was sold to Russian energy company Itera, and 28.8% of shares was given to the employees of the company. In 2004 Itera and Transnistrian authorities sold their shares to the Russian company Metalloinvest.

The annual production of the company is around 1,000,000 tonnes of crude steel and 1,000,000 tonnes of rolled products.

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