Moldovan–Romanian dictionary

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Moldovan–Romanian dictionary
Author Vasile Stati
Original title Dicționar Moldovenesc-Românesc
Country Moldova
Language Romanian
Subject dictionary
Publisher Chișinău
Publication date

The Moldovan–Romanian dictionary (Dicționar Moldovenesc-Românesc) is a dictionary compiled by Vasile Stati and published in Chișinău, Moldova in 2003 that contains 19,000 Moldovan words that are explained in Romanian. Its publishing was followed by a wave of criticism both in the Republic of Moldova and in Romania.

The idea of a dictionary might have come when the Romanian president, Ion Iliescu, said that he would believe that Moldovan is a different language from Romanian when he had a Moldovan–Romanian dictionary in his hands.

The dictionary includes:

  • words that are common in Romanian, thus, are clearly not Moldovan-only;
  • regional words found in Moldova, most of which are also used in the neighbouring Romanian region of Moldova;
  • archaic Romanian words, taken from various old documents, which are no longer in use in Romania;
  • Russian words, spoken colloquially in Moldova, that are not part of the current official Moldovan language.