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Moleanos is a Portuguese limestone with light beige colored background and a slight grayish tonality, with thin to medium grain and disperse brownish fine spots. With a medium hardness, it’s frequently used for cladding, pavements, interior decor, street furniture and other stoneworks. The main and most popular type is Moleanos Classic, however there several types of this limestone such as Moleanos Blue Light Water, Moleanos Shelly, Moleanos Moon and Moleanos White.

Serra de Aire e Candeeiros

Moleanos is currently one of the most popular limestones in the world, being used on a large scale a little throughout the world due to its lower price and uniform color. There are several types of Moleanos, which vary depending on where they are extracted. The most popular are, Moleanos White, Moleanos Moon, Moleanos Blue Light Water, and Moleanos Shelly.

This stone can be used in projects that require large quantities because it is a stone that exists in abundance and it is explored by numerous quarries. On the other hand, it is an extremely versatile stone, can be used in flooring and facing slabs, for interior and exterior pavings, cladding, masonry, stonework, and many others.

Extraction Area[edit]

Moleanos Portuguese Quarry

The Moleanos limestone is extracted in Portugal, next to a small town called Moleanos. The city is located in the center of the country and is next to “Serra de Aire e Candeiros”, which is the most important limestone extraction area in Portugal. The quarries of this stone are approximately 1 hour away from the capital of the country, Lisbon.

Recommended Use[edit]

Moleanos Cladding by LSI Stone

Moleanos is a very versatile stone, it has many uses. Due to the properties of this stone, with enormous hardness for a limestone and with a uniform beige color, it allows a beautiful look wherever applied. This stone is very used in exterior and interior floors with moderate or intense use. It is also very popular in external and internal claddings, mainly due to its resistance. Other uses like fireplaces, street chairs, bathtubs, balusters and columns, window and door frames, garden decoration and fountains are very popular too, but there are many others.

Physico-Mechanical Properties[edit]

Compression Breaking Load 917 kg/cm2
Compression Breaking Load after Freezing Test 930 kg/cm2
Bending Strength 144 kg/cm2
Volumetric Weight 2478 kg/cm2
Water Absorption at N.P. Conditions 3.07%
Apparent Porosity 7.62%
Thermal Linear Expansion Coefficient 3.1 10^6 per °C
Abrasion Test 3.5 mm
Impact Test 35-40 cm

Stone Variations[edit]




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