Molecule Man (sculpture)

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Molecule Man
Molecule Man Sunset.jpg
Molecule Man seen at sunset from the Elsenbrücke at S-Bahnhof Treptower Park.
ArtistJonathan Borofsky
Year1977 (1977)
SubjectThree human form silhouettes
Coordinates52°29′49″N 13°27′32.5″E / 52.49694°N 13.459028°E / 52.49694; 13.459028Coordinates: 52°29′49″N 13°27′32.5″E / 52.49694°N 13.459028°E / 52.49694; 13.459028
30 m Molecule Man sculpture on the Spree River, Berlin, Germany, in front of the Treptowers.[1]

Molecule Man is a series of aluminium sculptures, designed by American artist Jonathan Borofsky, installed at various locations around the world, including Germany[1] and the United States.[2] Borofsky made the first Molecule Man sculptures for locations in Los Angeles in 1977 and 1978.[1] They were installed later in 1981 and 1983 (in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, respectively).[3]

The sculpture model depicts three human form silhouettes with hundreds of holes, leaning toward each other. According to Borofsky, the holes represent "the molecules of all human beings coming together to create our existence."[1]

A related sculpture is Borofsky's Hammering Man.[4]


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