Molenbeek (Erpe-Mere Bovenschelde)

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Stroomgebied Molenbeek.PNG
East Flanders, in color the municipalities of the basin of the Molenbeek.
Country Belgium
Basin features
Main source Grotenberge
River mouth Scheldt in Wichelen
Progression ScheldtNorth Sea
Basin size 52.76 km2 (20.37 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 22 km (14 mi)

The Molenbeek (English: Millbrook) is a brook in the Denderstreek, Belgium. The stream has a length of approximately 22 kilometers. The source of the Molenbeek is located in Grotenberge and the delta is in nearby Wichelen. This brook is not to be confused with the Molenbeek-Ter Erpenbeek which is also in Erpe-Mere (and Herzele).


The basin of the Molenbeek is located in the province of East Flanders, and flows through the municipalities of Wichelen (Schellebelle, Serskamp, Wichelen), Lede (Wanzele, Impe, Smetlede, Papegem, Lede, and Oordegem), Erpe-Mere (Erondegem, Vlekkem, Ottergem, Bambrugge, Egem, and Burst) and Herzele (Borsbeke, Herzele, Ressegem, and Hillegem). The south of the basin comprises a small part of the Zottegem municipality (Grotenberge and Leeuwergem). In the west, it crosses the border of the Sint-Lievens-Houtem territory (Vlierzele, Zonnegem, Letterhoutem).

The Molenbeek is part of the Drie Molenbeken drainage basin. The Drie Molenbeken are tributaries of the Bovenschelde. The Bovenschelde is a part of the river Scheldt. The basin of the Molenbeek has an area of approximately 5276 hectares, and is located in the basin of the Bovenschelde. The Molenbeek goes through the Bovenschelde near to Wichelen.

From its source in Grotenberge to the delta nearby, Wichelen of the Molenbeek has the following tributaries: Valleibeek, Fonteinbeek, Doormansbeek, Kasteelgracht, Hellegat, Smoorbeek, Kokelaarsbeek, Zijpbeek, Trotgracht, Overimpebeek, Beekveldzijp, Wellebeek, and Vijverbeek.


In the municipality of Erpe-Mere, there are three mills on the Molenbeek. One mill is protected by law, while another has been largely demolished, but there are still remains of this mill, and the mill house itself is still intact.

Place Name(s) Address Type Protected Info
Bambrugge Egemmolen
Meuleken Tik Tak
Everdal 21 Overshot watermill Foutief.png No Wheat mill
The mill wheel has been removed
The mill house is used as a country cottage
Bambrugge Molens Van Sande
Prinsdaal 33 Overshot watermill Foutief.png No It was originally both a wheat mill and a compulsion mill
Later on it was just a wheat mill
The mill wheel has been removed
It is now an industrial flour mill
Ottergem De Watermeulen Ruststraat 10-12 Overshot watermill Monumentenschildje blauw wit.svg Yes It was originally a wheat mill and an oil mill
Later on it was only a wheat mill

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