Molendinar Burn

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Wishart Street, built on top of the culvert carrying the Molendinar Burn near Glasgow Cathedral
Molendinar Burn by Elizabeth Walker c1850

The Molendinar Burn is a burn in Glasgow, Scotland. It was the site of the settlement that grew to become the kernel of Glasgow, and where St Mungo founded his church in the 6th century. It was later used to power the growing town's mills. Indeed, the word "molendinar" is defined as "relating to a mill or a person who works in or lives in a mill".

Its source is Frankfield Loch in Cardowan to the north-east of Glasgow; then it flows through Hogganfield Loch and into the Clyde. It was covered over in the 1870s (by what is now Wishart Street). The point where it flowed into the Clyde caused silting, which allowed a ford to be made at the Saltmarket. This was later dredged and bridges were constructed.

Small parts of the burn are uncovered in the Molendinar Park and beside the old Great Eastern Hotel on Duke Street.

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