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Grape (Vitis)
Color of berry skin Blanc
Species Vitis vinifera
Also called see list of synonyms
Origin France

Molette is a white French wine grape planted primarily in the Savoie region. As a varietal wine, Molette tends to produce neutral tasting wine so it is often blended with Roussette to add more complexity.[1]

DNA analysis has revealed Molette to be a cross between Gouais blanc and an unidentified grape variety.[2]


Molette is also known under the synonyms Molette blanche and Molette de Seyssel.[2]

Molette is also used as a synonym for Mondeuse blanche and Mondeuse noire. Furthermore, Molette noire is a synonym of Mondeuse noire and Molette de Montmelian is a synonym of Jacquère.


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