Moley Christmas

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Moley Christmas
Moley Christmas inlay.jpg
Developer(s)Shaun Hollingworth
Peter Harrap
Chris Kerry
Publisher(s)Gremlin Graphics/Your Sinclair
SeriesMonty Mole
Platform(s)ZX Spectrum
Genre(s)Platform game

Moley Christmas is a video game released in 1987 for the Sinclair Spectrum. It is a sequel to the 1987 video game Auf Wiedersehen Monty and was available exclusively on the cover of Your Sinclair magazine.


Monty Mole has been given the task of getting the code for the latest game in which he features from the programmers to the cover of Your Sinclair magazine.[1]


In-game screen representing the Gremlin Graphics offices

Moley Christmas featured similar gameplay to the previous game in the series, Auf Wiedersehen Monty. The player must guide Monty around various screens, jumping, climbing, dodging enemies, and collecting items. The game is made up of six screens, which the player must navigate to bring the game from the programmers to the magazine's readers.[1][2]

Screen # Location Activity
1 The Gremlin Graphics office The player must collect the source code to the game and escape to screen 2
2 The Mastering Plant The player must deposit the source code and collect the master tape
3 The Duplication Plant The player must collect eight tapes for distribution
4 The M1 The player must try to catch a lift on the M1 motorway to bring the tapes to the Your Sinclair offices
5 The Your Sinclair Offices The player must prepare the tapes for distribution on the magazine
6 The Newsagent The player must stock the newsagent with copies of the magazine, to which the tape is attached



A competition was run when the game was released. The final screen contained a message to the player. The first person to complete the game and send this message to the Your Sinclair competition address would receive 15 games from the Your Sinclair library.[2] Six runners-up also received three games each.[3]


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