Molière (crater)

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Abu Nuwas crater.png
A black and white detail from a map of an area on Mercury including Molière, from Mariner 10 imagery.
Planet mercury
Coordinates 15°36′N 16°54′W / 15.6°N 16.9°W / 15.6; -16.9Coordinates: 15°36′N 16°54′W / 15.6°N 16.9°W / 15.6; -16.9
Diameter 132 km
Eponym Jean Baptiste Poquelin

Molière is an impact crater on the planet Mercury, 132 kilometers in diameter. It is located at 15.6°N, 16.9°W, south of the crater Rodin, southeast of the crater Abu Nuwas, and northeast of the crater Asvaghosa. The nearly circular rim of the crater is cut off into a flat edge on its southern and southwestern ends, and on its eastern side the rim is indented by a smaller crater. The crater is named for the 17th century French dramatist and satirist Molière. The name was approved by the International Astronomical Union in 1976.[1][2]


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