Moliendo Café

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"Moliendo Café" is a Venezuelan song that has become popular around the world. The authorship of the song is disputed between Hugo Blanco and his maternal uncle, Jose Manzo Perroni. According to Hugo Blanco, he composed the song in 1958, and since he was not of age (he was 17 years old), he asked his uncle to register the work for him at SACVEN (Sociedad de Autores y Compositores de Venezuela). A few years later, Jose Manzo Perroni sued his nephew for appropriating the work, claiming that it was he who composed the song, and that his nephew had stolen the melody. The first to record "Moliendo Café" was Mario Suárez in 1958; Hugo Blanco did not record it himself until 1961. Blanco's version hit #1 in Argentina and Japan in 1961.[1][2]

Cuban singer Xiomara Alfaro's Spanish-language version peaked at #1 in Peru.[3] Lucho Gatica's version of the song peaked at #3 in Spain.[4] Mina's version topped the Italian singles chart and was the #11 track on the end-of-year chart.[5] At present, the song has more than 800 versions in many languages. In Japan, the song's title is "Coffe Rumba". In Indonesia, the song is titled "Kopi Dangdut" and was a hit in that country in 1991. Ricardo Montaner performed a cover of the song on his 2001 album Sueño Repetido.

"Moliendo Café" has become a popular chant for soccer fans around the world. The chant is widely known as "Dale Cavese" in Europe and has the same tune as the song is chanted first in Argentina in 70's and all know this song as Dale Sanlore or Dale Boca.


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