Moll Flanders (1996 film)

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Moll Flanders
Moll Flanders film.jpg
Directed by Pen Densham
Produced by John Watson
Richard B. Lewis
Pen Densham
Written by Pen Densham
Music by Mark Mancina
Cinematography David Tattersall
Edited by James R. Symons
Neil Travis
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release dates
June 14, 1996
Running time
123 minutes
Language English
Budget US$6,000,000 (estimated)

Moll Flanders is a 1996 film starring Robin Wright and Morgan Freeman. The film was directed by Pen Densham. The original music score was composed by Mark Mancina. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Daniel Defoe.

Plot summary[edit]

A young girl is picked up from a London orphanage and is told the story of her mother Moll Flanders' life on the way to the British West Indies.


Critical reaction[edit]

Based on reviews collected by Rotten Tomatoes, Moll Flanders currently has a 47% approval rating from critics.[1] A problem many critics had was with the movie largely throwing out the original Defoe story and structuring it like Forrest Gump (in which Wright was prominently featured). While the original book was about a woman's struggle to survive a male-dominated era (the early 17th century) and her turning to illegal actions to make it through (stealing and prostitution, among other means), the movie dealt with Moll's working on herself and improving her life.[2]

Roger Ebert gave the movie three stars and said of the film "it's an original; Densham took only the name, the period, and a few notions from Defoe, and has made up the rest."[3]


The International Press Academy nominated Moll Flanders for four awards: Robin Wright for Best Actress in a Drama, John Lynch for Supporting Actor in a drama, Stockard Channing for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, and a nomination for Costume Design.

Notes and references[edit]


The film was released in 1996, but still uses a 1995 copyright notice in the closing credits.

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