Molly (band)

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Molly playing in Stockholm, 2008.
Background information
Also known as Molly Maguries
Origin Sweden
Genres Irish folk music, ska and oi!
Years active 1989-?
Labels Sista Bussen, Deaf&Dumb
Associated acts Monster

Molly was a Swedish band that played a mix of Irish folk music with ska and oi!. Later they also had influences from Swedish folk music and klezmer. Because of the mix of music styles the band required a lot of different instruments and many different persons playing them so the members were many and varied. On Raj Raj the participants were Alf Vierth (song), Björn Eriksson (drums), Elä Malmberg (bass, background song), Harald Berthelsen (mandolin, tin whistle, background song), Martin Linder (saxophone, background song), Rickard Elofsson (trumpet, background song), Stefan Ståhl (guitar, background song), Svante Sörmark (guitar, background song) and Viktor Brobacke (trombone, harmonica, song on Rätt Sätt and background song). On Mollyfied the setting was Alf (song), Harald (song, mandolin), Elä (base), Steffe (guitar), Björn (drums), Totte (banjo), Karin (accordion), Majje (whistle), Viktor (trombone), Rikard (trumpet), Martin (saxophone).


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