Molly Jong-Fast

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Molly Jong-Fast
Born (1978-08-19) August 19, 1978 (age 43)
Known foreditor-at-large at The Daily Beast
Spouse(s)Matthew Greenfield
Parent(s)Erica Jong
Jonathan Fast
FamilyHoward Fast (grandfather)

Molly Jong-Fast (born August 19, 1978[1]) is an American author.


As of 2021, Jong-Fast is the editor-at-large at The Daily Beast.[2][3] She is the author of two novels, Normal Girl and The Social Climber's Handbook,[4][5] and a memoir, Girl [Maladjusted].[5] She is a regular contributor to Playboy,[6] Glamour,[7] The Atlantic[8] and The Bulwark.[9]

Personal life[edit]

Jong-Fast is the daughter of Erica Jong[10] and Jonathan Fast, and the granddaughter of Howard Fast.[11] She has been married to CUNY professor Matthew Greenfield since 2003.[12][13] The couple have three children and live in Manhattan.[14][15] She has written about her experience with Alcoholics Anonymous.[16]



  • Normal Girl (2000). ISBN 0-37-575759-7
  • The Sex Doctors in the Basement: True Stories from a Semi-Celebrity Childhood (2005). ISBN 1-40-006144-X.
  • Girl [Maladjusted]: True Stories from a Semi-Celebrity Childhood (2006). ISBN 0-81-297074-8
  • The Social Climber's Handbook: A novel (2011). ISBN 0-34-550189-6



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