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Molly MacDonald, Lady of Glenbogle, is a fictional character in the Scottish BBC drama TV series Monarch of the Glen. Molly is played by English actress Susan Hampshire. She is not to be confused with the character of the same name from the 1996 children's television series Arthur.

Character biography[edit]

An ex-model, Molly is the wife of the cantankerous Laird of Glenbogle, Hector MacDonald, and the mother of Archie MacDonald, Lizzie MacDonald and Jamie MacDonald. In Episode 1 of Season 4, Archie refers to his mother using her courtesy title - the "Lady of Glenbogle".[1] Molly is known for her detective work, such as helping Katrina Finlay win the Hill Race, getting women in the golf club by blackmailing Lord Kilwillie and betraying Hector, retrieving a stone of Hector's from Kilwillie, and her dangerous betting with her bookie Geordie McCann. She is the object of romantic affection from a number of her male friends and associates throughout the series.

Series storylines[edit]

After Hector's demise - Kilwillie proposes to Molly in order to bring his money to Glenbogle and save the estate. Kilwillie loves Molly, but Molly did not reciprocate. Archie persuades Molly not to go ahead with her marriage. An old friend of Molly's, Louis Grimshaw, tries to win Molly's heart, but she doesn't love him. A year later, Molly is proposed to again, this time by Andrew Booth, causing a great deal of pain to Golly Mackenzie, her loyal and best friend. She accepts, but the wedding is called off when Golly finds out that Andrew had proposed to many women before, but never married any of them. Molly feels she cannot not trust Andrew, and calls off the wedding, breaking his heart. All through Series 5, the producers gave the impression that Molly and Golly were going to get together - but never did, and agreed just to be friends. At the end of Series 7, however, they finally do get together.

In Series 6, Molly's brother-in-law, Donald MacDonald, comes to live in Glenbogle in police custody, and she does not want him in her home. The reason behind Molly's dislike for Donald is revealed after local farmer Isobel Anderson found letters from Molly to Donald, and vice versa. The reason being Molly had just arrived in Glenbogle as a married woman with Hector, but Donald loves her too. Donald left Glenbogle as he felt he could not hide his love for her anymore, leaving Hector heartbroken. However, Molly and Donald sort out the problem and become friends again.

Molly starts feeling older in Series 6 and had to go to a health farm. She accepts the fact that Golly started seeing Meg Paterson and becomes friends with her by the end of the series. Halfway through the series, Molly goes to visit Archie and Lexie in New Zealand. Series 7 sees Molly becoming a mother figure to Golly's son, Cameron. Molly and Golly's relationship deepens in the series, whilst Kilwillie returns with his pushy PA Edith, whom Molly has discovered to simply be a gold-digger. Finally in the last episode, after forcing Golly to admit he loves her and always has, Molly accepts his proposal of marriage, once again rejecting Lord Killwillie's. Hector, returning as a ghost for the episode, gives his blessing for her marriage to Golly.

Series 6 absence[edit]

Molly was absent in four episodes of Series 6 (in episode five she went to a health farm, and in episodes seven to nine she went to visit Archie and his wife Lexie MacDonald in New Zealand). Molly's excuses were made up due to Molly's actress Susan Hampshire's missing her friends and family too much.

Family details[edit]

  • Husband - Hector Naismith MacDonald, Laird of Glenbogle
  • Brother - Jolyon
  • Sons - Archie MacDonald, Jamie MacDonald
  • Stepson - Paul Bowman-MacDonald
  • Daughter - Lizzie MacDonald
  • Granddaughter - Martha MacDonald

Series career[edit]

  • Series 1-5: all episodes
  • Series 6: episodes 1-4, 6, 10
  • Series 7: episodes 1-6: all episodes


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