Moloch Tropical

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Moloch Tropical
Directed by Raoul Peck
Produced by Velvet Film
ARTE France
Screenplay by Jean-René Lemoine, Raoul Peck
Starring Zinedine Soualem
Sonia Rolland
Mireille Metellus
Nicole Dogue
Gessica Geneus
Music by Alexei Agui
Cinematography Éric Guichard
Edited by Martine Barraque
Release date
  • September 12, 2009 (2009-09-12) (Toronto)
  • September 10, 2010 (2010-09-10) (France)
Running time
106 minutes
Country France

Moloch Tropical is a 2009 film.


Amidst the protection of a fortified palace perched on the top of a mountain, a democratically elected President and his closest collaborators are getting ready for a commemorative celebration dinner. Foreign chiefs of state and dignitaries of all sorts are expected to assist. However, the morning of the event, he awakens to find the country in an uprising. As the day goes on, rebellion rampages through the most popular neighborhoods and the guests call to cancel one after another. After consulting with his collaborators, the President decides to teach the demonstrators a lesson by sending in his private militia.


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