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The Moloko Plus, also called Knifey Moloko, and the "Moloko Drengo" is a fictional highball cocktail drink, in the novel and film A Clockwork Orange.[1][2] Even the book fails to specify ingredients, and there seem to be many variations, all of which use a large milk base and some have drugs, such as barbiturates, added.

The book states one may have moloko plus with 'vellocet' (amphetamine), 'synthemesc' (synthetic mescaline), 'drencrom' (adrenochrome) or other hallucinogen substances.[3] Minors may be served such drinks, since they are drugs that have not been declared illegal.[citation needed] The drink's name originates from the Russian (and thus Nadsat) word for milk, "Молоко", and thus the drink is translated as "milk plus". The main characters in the book prepare for "ultraviolence" by drinking it.


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