Moloko Temo

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Moloko Temo
Moloko Temo.jpg
Born 4 July 1874?
Limpopo, South African Republic
Died 3 June 2009
(aged 134 years, 334 days?)
Residence South Africa
Known for Claiming to be one of the world's oldest people

Moloko "Koko" Temo (4 July 1874? – 3 June 2009)[1][2][3] was a South African woman who claimed to be the oldest living person in the world at 134 years of age. She claimed an age at least six years older than that of any other living claimant,[4] but her claim has never been verified by Guinness World Records.

As reported by ITN's Martin Geissler for ITV News, Temo claimed she was born on 4 July 1874, making her 134 years old.[need quotation to verify] Official records were not kept at that time.[citation needed] Her claim is documented by a government passport identity document issued to her in 1988, according to the Afrikaans-language Beeld Daily, based on testimonials by family members.[need quotation to verify]

Blind since the 1950s, she lived in Limpopo Province, South Africa,[5] with a daughter reportedly now aged over 90.[citation needed] She was survived by another daughter (Evelyn) and 29 grandchildren,[3] and also had 59 great-grandchildren and at least 5 great-great-grandchildren.[5] Her longevity did not seem to be a result of a healthy diet: her favorite foods were spinach, meat, sweets, and Coca-Cola.[6] Temo said the secret to being the "oldest person in history" is a "trust in God and respect for your parents".[citation needed]

Her youngest daughter, Evelyn Mothemane, was 78 when her mother celebrated her purported 132nd birthday, meaning she would have been born when her mother was 53 or 54.[5] Temo's apparent explanation for this was that it was common for women to have children later in life.[7]

Despite media claims to the contrary, Guinness World Records has given no indication that they plan to accept this claim, citing lack of evidence and extreme unlikelihood. At the celebration of what was claimed to be 134th birthday, it was announced that there would be further attempts to get Temo's age verified.[by whom?][8]

She died of natural causes on 2 or 3 June 2009. Only two months earlier, on 22 April, she had voted in the general elections.[3]

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