Molonglo, Australian Capital Territory

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CanberraAustralian Capital Territory
Molonglo is located in Australian Capital Territory
Coordinates35°17′56″S 149°02′31″E / 35.299°S 149.042°E / -35.299; 149.042Coordinates: 35°17′56″S 149°02′31″E / 35.299°S 149.042°E / -35.299; 149.042
Gazetted14 June 2012[1]
Location10 km (6 mi) W of Canberra City
DistrictMolonglo Valley
Territory electorate(s)Murrumbidgee
Federal division(s)Canberra
Suburbs around Molonglo:
Molonglo River Molonglo River
Denman Prospect Molonglo
Wright Coombs

Molonglo is a suburb currently under development in the Molonglo Valley district of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. The suburb of Molonglo derives its name from an Aboriginal expression meaning "the sound of thunder".[2]

Location and urban structure[edit]

Currently in development and planning stages, Molonglo is expected to be the town centre or group centre and will comprise the principal commercial and civic centre for the Molonglo Valley district. It is planned to accommodate approximately 1000 new dwellings in a relatively compact mixed use urban environment.[3]


Molonglo is a cat containment area, as are other new suburbs in the vicinity.[4]


The suburb of Molonglo is split by an east–west direction fault that splays off the Winslade Fault. This fault is marked by quartz. The south side has been thrown down, and the north side elevated. This fault crosses the Molonglo River at the point where it goes in a tight bend from east to north west. This point also has one other fault crossing and another fault terminating. The rock south of the east–west fault is rhyodacite from the Deakin Volcanics, and to the north are the older Mount Painter Volcanics with tuff composed of dacite fragments.[5]


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