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Molson Canadian
Molson Canadian.svg
TypeCanadian lager
Alcohol by volume5.0% except in Ireland where it is 4%
VariantsMolson Canadian Light; Molson Canadian 67; Molson Canadian 67 Sublime; Molson Canadian 6.0 Coldshots
A Molson Canadian Dodge Grand Caravan model.

Molson Canadian is a brand of 5% abv lager beer (4% in Ireland) brewed by Molson Brewing , the Canadian division of Molson Coors Brewing Company. The beer was introduced in 1959.[1]


Molson Canadian has won several beer industry awards, including:

  • Canadian Brewing Awards - 2006 Gold Medal ‘North American Style Lager’
  • World Beer Cup - 2002 Silver Medal
  • Monde Selection - 6 Time Gold Medal Distinction (2002, 2001, 1997, 1991, 1990, 1989).[2]

Mega Keg[edit]

The "Molson Canadian Mega Keg" is the world’s largest monument to a keg of Molson Canadian. The monument measures 11 metres (36.5 feet) by five metres (16.5 feet), or roughly the height of a three-story building.

The monument was revealed to winners of a contest themed around the Mega Keg in September 2008. Were it a real keg, the Mega Keg monument would be large enough to hold the equivalent volume of over 500,000 cans of Molson Canadian.

Molson Canadian contracted Mississauga, Ontario-based Kubik to design and construct the massive monument.

Molson Canadian Sub-Zero[edit]

Molson Canadian Sub Zero is Molson Canadian served at temperatures below freezing (0C or 32F).[3]

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project[edit]

The Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project is an environmental platform that was introduced in 2011, which saw 100,000 trees planted in locations across Canada, in addition to park clean-up efforts in ten cities.[4]

National Hockey League[edit]

In February 2011 Molson entered a partnership with the National Hockey League, however, a series of court rulings delayed the beginning of the partnership until the opening night of the 2011-12 season on October 6.

The $375-million deal, which runs seven years, reportedly includes the following expenditures: approximately $100-million for the rights, $100-million in guaranteed advertising buys, and $100-million in so-called activation, which includes costs for the events and special promotions staged by Molson to capitalize on its rights.[5]


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