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Molson Export beer is an ale (i.e. a warm-fermented beer) brewed by Molson at a strength of 5% alcohol by volume. First brewed in 1903, Molson Export is the oldest surviving of the Molson beer brands.


The beer was named Molson Export because the brewers deemed it of such high quality that it was good enough to be exported and was even better than the imports that were in high demand at the time.[dubious ] In 1955, the boat on the label was chosen to replace the previous anchor and crown logo.


Export is made using several varieties of two-row malted barley, an ale yeast strain dating back to the foundation of the Molson Brewery, and Golding and Oregon hops.

Prizes and awards[edit]

Best beer in its category
  • Molson Export won the gold medal at the Best North American Style Blonde/Golden Ale category at the 2010 Canadian Brewing Awards. This contest brings together breweries from across Canada and selects the best beers from among them in a blind taste competition. The 2010 edition saw a total of 76 breweries submitting 390 beers across 31 categories. A panel of 20 judges selected the winners based on specific criteria, namely the taste, appearance, aroma, mouth-feel and overall impression.
  • Molson Export also took part in the 2011 World Quality Selections, organized by Monde Selection, an Independent International Institute based in Brussels, Belgium. Monde Selection’s mission is to test consumer products, rate them for their gustative worth and grant them an award. Molson Export won a Gold Award in 2011 and 2001.[1] The 2011 Monde Selection’s edition saw a total of 430 beers, coming from 60 countries.[2] However, Monde Selection awards are non-competitive and only products that pay to enter are judged.

Advertising campaigns[edit]

Launched in 1997, the Jeune depuis 1903 (Young since 1903) campaign in Quebec emphasized the long-standing tradition behind Molson Export. In 2003, as part of this same campaign, Molson Export celebrated its 100th anniversary.

In 2010, Molson Export created a new brand image that again referenced its history, and an advertising campaign that focused on John Molson. A TV spot recounting one of his trans-Atlantic voyages went on-air while an integrated multimedia campaign focused on him was presented in the Bell Centre and online.

Molson Export - 341ml bottle Molson Export - 355ml can Molson Export - Case of 24 bottles

Molson export bottle

Molson export can

Molson export case 24


Molson Export has been associated with the Canadiens Hockey Club since 1957 and with the Montreal Alouettes Football Club from 1999 to 2013.


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