Molten Lager

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Molten Lager
Live album by The Damned
Released October 1999
Recorded 23 June 1994
Genre Punk / Rock
The Damned chronology
Eternal Damnation Live
Molten Lager
Grave Disorder

Molten Lager is a live album by The Damned that was recorded in Mulhouse, France on 23 June 1994.

The line-up features the Not of This Earth personnel and showcases much of that album and other rare tracks by The Damned. While somewhat obscure, this CD is regarded by many fans and music critics as the best of the Damned's numerous live albums[citation needed], although it largely ignores the band's goth period in favour of the more punk and rock oriented material.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Testify
  2. Shut It
  3. Shadow to Fall
  4. I Need a Life
  5. I Walk the Line
  6. Running Man
  7. That Loving Feeling
  8. Not of This Earth
  9. Heaven... Can Take Your Lies
  10. My Desire
  11. Never Could Believe
  12. Love Song
  13. Disco Man
  14. Neat Neat Neat
  15. Ignite
  16. Gun Fury
  17. I Must Be Mad
  18. Nasty