Mombo Dogon

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Ejenge Dõ, Kolum So
Region Mali
Native speakers
ca. 19,000 (1998)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 dmb
Glottolog momb1254[2]

Mombo Dogon is a Dogon language spoken in Mali. Helabo and Miambo are dialects.

Until ca. 2005 Ampari was considered a dialect. However, while Ampari understand Mombo, this appears to be because they visit the area yearly, and the Mombo cannot understand Ampari.

In the village of Kema, the Mombo language is called Ambaleeŋge. It has been called Ejenge Dõ (Edyenge Dom, Idyoli Donge) or Kolum So in the literature. Ejenge Dõ is the Mombo word for 'Dogon language', from Éjé 'Dogon person'. Kolum So is the name used by the Donno So to the east. It means 'sunset dialects', and refers to the westernmost Dogon varieties, Mombo and Ampari. The Fulani name is Piniari (Pignari).


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