Moment's Notice

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"Moment's Notice" is a "classic"[1] jazz standard[2] composed by John Coltrane. The song was featured on Coltrane's noted 1957 recording Blue Train.


Coltrane never recorded "Moment's Notice" after the version on Blue Train.[3] But other soloists have treated it as a standard, particularly since the 1970s.[3] It has been recorded by such artists as McCoy Tyner (on Supertrios 1977), Harry Connick, Jr, Dexter Gordon (on Manhattan Symphonie 1978), George Coleman (on Playing Changes 1979), Anthony Braxton (on Seven Standards, 1985), Fred Hersch (on Fred Hersch trio plays... 1994), Mark Turner (on Yam Yam 1994), Arturo Sandoval (on Swingin` 1996), US Navy Commodores Jazz Ensemble (on Sessions on M Street S.E. 1998) and Billy Hart (on Quartet 2005).[3]


"Moment's Notice" contains "unusual and quick-moving harmonic twists", according to Martin and Waters.[4]


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