Moment in Peking (2005 TV series)

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Moment in Peking 京華煙雲
Created by Zou Jingzhi, Zhang Yongchen, Yang Xiaoxiong
Starring Zhao Wei
Pan Yueming
Chen Baoguo
Pan Hong
Wang Gang
Zhao Kuie
Kou Zhenhai
Yu Qian
Qiu Qiwen
Huang Weide
Country of origin People's Republic of China
No. of episodes 44
Running time 45 mins per episode
Original network CCTV-1
Original release October 23, 2005 – December 2005

Moment in Peking is a 2005 Chinese television series produced by CCTV. It is adapted from the novel Moment in Peking by Lin Yutang, who was nominated for a Nobel Prize in 1940 and 1950.[1]



  • National rating champion of the year 2005 in China,8.782%.(Source:AGB Nielsen)[2]
  • "Zhao Wei is grace and elegence,who controlled each sense."----Asia Times[3]

Awards and nominations[edit]

2nd Top Chinese TV Drama Awards

  • Won: Top Rating Television Series of the Year
  • Won: Favorite Actress (Zhao Wei)
  • Won: Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Wang Gang)
  • Nominated:Best Director (Zhang Zien)
  • Nominated:Best Screenplay (Zhang Yongchen,Yang Xiaoxiong)
  • Nominated:Best Actress in a Leading Role (Zhao Wei)[4]
  • Nominated:Best Actress in a Supporting Role(Pan Hong)

26th Feitian TV Awards

  • Nominated: Outstanding Actress(Zhao Wei)

5th Golden Disk Awards

  • Won: Best Original Music of Film or Television Series (Wang Liguang)
  • Won: Best Original Theme Song-Realize(performed by Zhao Wei, composed by Wang Liguang, lyrics by Zhuhai)


After airing on Taiwan and mainland China, for the series is very popular, there were a large stream to Lin Yutang's former residence. Audience started to focus on the classic novel again.[5]

In an episode of Taiwan long-term series Unforgettable Memories, the major role is watching the sense of Zhao Wei and Huang Weide break up in Moment in Peking.

International broadcast[edit]

  • It aired in Vietnam on VTV3 from December 25, 2007 at 12:00pm (Mon-Fri), under the name Kinh hoa yên vân.

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