Moments (Leo Ku album)

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Moments (Leo Ku album) cover.jpg
Studio album by Leo Ku
Released August 24, 2007
Genre Cantopop
Label EMI
Leo Ku chronology
Guitar Fever

Moments is a Cantonese album by the singer Leo Ku, released on August 24, 2007.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Eternity (一刻永恆)
  2. Money, Money, Money (錢錢錢錢)
  3. Love Going Home (愛回家)
  4. 你生
  5. Unreasonable (蠻不講理)
  6. 自我安慰
  7. Asking Myself (我自問)
  8. Why (為何)
  9. 賞心樂事
  10. Ten Dollars Adventure (十蚊雞流浪)