Moments of Transition

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"Moments of Transition"
Babylon 5 episode
Episode no.Season 4
Episode 14
Directed byTony Dow
Written byJ. Michael Straczynski
Production code414
Original air dateMay 19, 1997
Guest appearance(s)

Bart McCarthy (Shakiri)
John Vickery (Neroon)
Walter Koenig (Bester)

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Rumors, Bargains and Lies"
Next →
"No Surrender, No Retreat"
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"Moments of Transition" is an episode from the fourth season of the science-fiction television series Babylon 5.


Delenn and Lennier arrive on Minbar, finding that many of the religious caste's strongholds have come under attack by the warrior caste. Delenn asks Lennier to tell the warrior caste that they will surrender at a place of their choosing. Neroon relays this information to the warrior caste leader, Shakiri, and further suggests that they complete the surrender at the Temple of Varenni which is where disputes between castes were resolved prior to Valen's arrival a thousand years ago. Shakiri agrees, but knows that even after surrender, Delenn will likely find a way to fight back, so he makes sure that her return ship to Babylon 5 will not make it. Delenn, Lennier, and a small group of other religious caste members approach the Temple at the appointed time; Delenn gives Lennier a sealed message with instructions to follow after the ceremony. Within the Temple, in front of numerous Minbari and broadcast across the planet, Delenn announces the religious caste's surrender. Shakiri asserts they will start to reform the Grey Council with members of the warrior caste, but Delenn stops him, stating that they did not give up their right to authority. She points out that if Shakiri wants to return to the ways before Valen, then they should decide who rules by using the Temple's "Starfire Wheel", a scorching circle of light that will incinerate those that are willing to die for their caste. As the window opens, she steps into it, but Shakiri hesitates and urges her to leave. Neroon goads Shakiri to take his place in the circle. Within it, he tries to urge Delenn to step out together and they will share power, but she refuses, and soon Shakiri flees the circle. Neroon, revealed to have been following Delenn's plan from their previous meeting, fears Delenn is not leaving the circle as intended, and steps inside to remove her fallen body. Neroon takes the full force of the Starfire Wheel, admitting that while a warrior caste, his heart was that of the religious one. He is incinerated. In the aftermath, Delenn recovers and forms a new Grey Council, but this time with 2 members each from the warrior and religious caste, and 5 from the worker caste, who were stuck in the middle of their conflict. She hopes their majority will help keep peace between the two extremes.

On Babylon 5, Garibaldi continues to work for Mr. Edgars to help smuggle in packages, even though Zach catches him in the act. Zack goes to Lyta, notifying her that unless she can hold down a steady income, she will have to move to smaller quarters, and to see if she can do a telepathic scan of Garibaldi, as Zach does not believe he is the same man as he was before his disappearance. Lyta refuses, but does get the idea of seeing if Garibaldi can offer her a job, which he does. Meanwhile, Psi-Corps agent Bester arrives and approaches Lyta, letting her know that he can restore her position in the Psi-Corps, allowing her to obtain jobs as a commercial telepath, but only if she will give her body over to the Psi-Corps upon her natural death, as they are very interested in what changes the Vorlons made to her. Lyta refuses. Later, Bester disrupts a meeting between Garibaldi and Lyta, and as he leaves, quickly scans Garibaldi, which Lyta senses and warns Garibaldi about. He makes a big deal and tracks down Bester, but is dragged away by security before he can harm Bester. Garibaldi is later told by Edgars that he must fire Lyta immediately, as he heard about Garibaldi's deal and does not trust telepaths. After hearing this news, Lyta takes Bester's offer so she can secure a steady job, all part of Bester's plan.

The episode concludes as Ivanova reports to Sheridan that they have footage of Earth Alliance battlecraft attacking and destroying innocent transport ships carrying refugees out of war-ravaged areas. Sheridan states that is the final straw, and starts planning on taking the battle to Earth and face President Clark directly.

Arc significance[edit]

  • Lyta rejoins the Psi Corps
  • Earth forces are committing atrocities on civilians, forcing Sheridan to escalate the resistance into open war.
  • Minbari civil war ends with Neroon sacrificing himself to save Delenn.
  • Delenn re-establishes the Minbari Grey Council, this time with 5 workers, 2 warriors, and 2 from the religious caste.

Production details[edit]

This episode features a cameo by Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams as a client who is searching for his missing dog and cat that are planning to take over the universe. These are obvious references to Dogbert and Catbert. Adams was a vocal supporter who spread word about the show on the Internet using his Dilbert newsletter. Adams' girlfriend had a non-speaking role as a Minbari that stands behind him.

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