Momentum (IMAX film)

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Directed by Colin Low
Tony Ianzelo
Produced by Mark Zannis
Music by Eldon Rathburn
Cinematography Ernest McNabb
Edited by Michael McKennirey
Distributed by National Film Board of Canada
Release date
Running time
20 min.
Country Canada
Language none

Momentum was the first film shot and released in the IMAX HD film format, which ran at 48 frames per second, and was also one of the first films to use Ambisonic surround sound. The film was produced for the Canada pavilion at Seville Expo '92 by National Film Board of Canada, by the same creative team that made the 1986 3D IMAX film Transitions for Expo 86. The film takes viewers across Canada, demonstrating the ability of the 48 frame/s process to portray motion on the giant IMAX screen with reduced strobing.[1]


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