Momentum Movement

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Momentum Movement
Momentum Mozgalom
Leader András Fekete-Győr
Executive Board Members Anna Donáth
Daniel Berg
György Buzinkay
Miklós Hajnal[1]
Spokesperson Balázs Nemes
Founded 4 March 2017
Headquarters 1077 Budapest, Rózsa utca 22.
Newspaper Van remény
Youth wing Momentum TizenX
Membership 4,000
Ideology Liberalism[2][3]
Conservative liberalism[2]
Civic nationalism[4]
Social progressivism
Political position Centre[8]
Colours Purple
Slogan We belong to Europe! Let's jumpstart Hungary! The new political generation! There is hope!
(Hungarian: Európához tartozunk! Indítsuk be Magyarországot! Az új politikai generáció! Van remény!)
National Assembly
0 / 199
European Parliament
0 / 21
County Assemblies
0 / 419

Momentum Movement (Hungarian: Momentum Mozgalom) is a Hungarian political party founded on 4 March 2017. It is best known for starting off a petition against the Budapest bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics in January 2017, as a civil organization. The petition for a referendum in Budapest was successful, however, the government has cancelled the bid before a referendum could have been held. The party supports gay marriage, the decriminalisation of cannabis and abortion rights. They are pro-European and anti-Putin and support globalisation and capitalism[9].

Election results[edit]

For the Hungarian Parliament:

Election year National Assembly Government
# of
overall votes
% of
overall vote
# of
overall seats won
3.06% (#6)
0 / 199