Momiji manjū

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Momiji manjū
Momiji Manjū
Place of originJapan
Region or stateItsukushima
Created byA Wagashi craftsman
InventedLate Meiji period
Main ingredientsBuckwheat and rice
Ingredients generally usedRed bean paste

Momiji manjū is a type of manjū and Imagawayaki. The confection is a buckwheat and rice cake shaped like a Japanese maple leaf, and is a local specialty on the island of Itsukushima (Miyajima) in Hiroshima.[1] It is typically filled with red bean paste.[1][2]


Momiji manjū is a local specialty and souvenir in Itsukushima, Three views of Japan. Today, Momiji manjū is known not only for Miyajima's souvenirs but also Hiroshima Prefecture’s miyagegashi nationwide.

Momiji manjū was invented by a Wagashi craftsman in the late Meiji period.

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