Mommy Dead and Dearest

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Mommy Dead and Dearest
Based onMurder of Dee Dee Blanchard
Directed byErin Lee Carr
Composer(s)Ian Hultquist
Country of originUnited States of America
Producer(s)Andrew Rossi
CinematographyBryan Sarkinen
Running time82 minutes
Original networkHBO
Original release16 May 2017
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Mommy Dead and Dearest is a documentary film directed by Erin Lee Carr about the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard, for which her daughter, Gypsy Rose Blanchard, and Gypsy's boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, were accused. It debuted on HBO on 16 May, 2017.[1]

The documentary explores both the murder and its aftermath but also focuses on the years of abuse that Gypsy suffered at the hands of her mother, who convinced many that Gypsy suffered from a variety of illnesses.[2] It also focuses on Nicholas Godejohn, who eventually received a life sentence for first-degree murder and armed criminal action and his relationship with Gypsy.[3]

The documentary itself uses a variety of home videos, text messages, medical records and other pieces of media such as interviews with relatives, friends, and Gypsy herself to give the full picture of how and why Dee Dee Blanchard was murdered.[4] The documentary also revealed the extent of the lies Dee Dee told about Gypsy's health such as the fact that she could walk and that she had an unnecessary feeding tube fitted.[4]

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