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Sunset at Mompiche.
The hostel at the southern most shore of the bay.

Mompiche is a small fishing village at the south end of a large fish hook shaped bay, the Ensenada de Mompiche, about a two-hour drive south of the much larger city of Esmeraldas, Ecuador. Mompiche is a quiet little pueblo which attracts backpackers, tourists and surfers seeking uncrowded beaches.

The province of Esmeraldas is the nest of Ecuador’s Afro-Ecuadorian culture. Mompiche has a distinctly jungle-like feel, with big leafy trees intermingling with palms and brightly colored tropical flowers. In fact, it is located within the biologically diverse Chocó tropical forest, which extends along the coast from Panama to Peru.


Located in the south of the Esmeraldas region of North Western Ecuador. It is located at the south end of a bay encompassing the city of San Francisco at the north, Muisne and La Mancha at center, and Mompiche at the south.

Coordinates: 0°30′N 80°01′W / 0.500°N 80.017°W / 0.500; -80.017