Monégasque identity card

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Monégasque identity card
The front and reverse
of a Monégasque identity card
Issued by Monaco
Valid in EU & EFTA states (except Bulgaria, Cyprus Iceland, Ireland, Sweden and United Kingdom)
AndorraSan MarinoVatican City European microstates
 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Faroe Islands
France French overseas territories
 Montserrat (max. 14 days)
Type of documentCompulsory identity card
PurposeProof of identity
Eligibility requirementsMonégasque citizenship
Expiration5 years

The Monégasque identity card (in French: Carte d’identité monégasque électronique or CIME) is issued to Monégasque citizens by the Monaco City Hall. It can be used as a travel document when visiting countries in the Schengen Area (except Iceland and Sweden), the CEFTA states (except North Macedonia and Serbia) as well as Andorra, Croatia, Romania [1] and Montserrat (max.14 days)[2]. The card is produced for the Monaco City Hall by Oberthur Technologies.[3]

Since 30 March 2009, Monégasque identity cards have been issued containing a biometric chip[4]. Validity of the card is 5 years from the date of issue. [5]

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