Mon Amour: Shesher Kobita Revisited

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Mon Amour: Shesher Kobita Revisited
Mon amour.jpg
Movie Poster
Directed by Subhrajit Mitra
Produced by Men At Work
Written by Kaberi Chatterjee
Starring Saheb Chatterjee
Rituparna Sengupta
Tota Roychowdhury
Music by Kalyan Sen Barat
Distributed by T.Sarkar Productions
Release date
  • 8 August 2008 (2008-08-08)
Running time
135 minutes
Country India
Language Bengali

Mon Amour: Shesher Kobita Revisited (Bengali: মন আমুর : শেষের কবিতা রিভিসিটেড "Mon Amour: Shesher Kobita Revisited") is a 2008 Bengali film directed by Subhrajit Mitra. The story is by Kaberi Chatterjee. The title is in French, Bengali and English. The language is Bengali but the derived culture it presents is global.[1][2]


Mon Amour: Shesher Kobita Revisited is an imaginary take-off of an ordinary love triangle with a touch of Shesher Kobita.

Amit is Rajarshi (Saheb Chatterjee), an internationally celebrated film director who is about to make a film called Mon Amour, to be produced by a French production house, a relocation of Tagore’s novel to contemporary Kolkata. He comes to Kolkata from London on a brief sabbatical. Lavanya has two identities in this film. She is called Brishti (Rituparna Sengupta), who teaches literature in high school in her real persona, and Tilottama in Rajarshi’s imaginary world of dreams, nightmares and memories. Shovanlal is called Indrajeet (Tota Roychoudhury), an industrialist who Brishti married on the rebound when she felt Rajarshi had ditched her to go to London to study filmmaking. The three meet in Rajarshi’s rented apartment in Kolkata, where he has come purportedly to scout for his new film but, in reality, to rediscover his past with Brishti, his present with Tilottama, and his friendship with Indrajeet.


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