Mon Repos (Vyborg)

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The Island of the Dead in Mon Repos

Mon Repos or "Monrepos" (Russian: Монрепо́) (French "my rest", here written in one word) is a manor house and landscaped English park in Vyborg.

The park lies along the shoreline of the Zashchitnaya inlet of the Vyborg Bay in Vyborg, Russia, about 129 kilometres (80 mi) from St. Petersburg and occupies about 180 hectares (440 acres) of land. Between 1788, when Ludwig Heinrich von Nicolai bought it, and 1943, "Monrepos" was owned by the family of Baron Nicolai. The historic core of the museum complex is a manor from the early 19th century. This consists of the Main house and the Library house, monuments of wooden classical architecture, and the landscape rock park designed in the romantic style, and which remains a unique monument of gardening art. Among the park designers were such architects as J. Martinelli, Auguste de Montferrand, A. Shtakenshneider, Ch. Tetam, artists Ya. Mattenleiter, and P. Gonzago. The area of the park is marked by special physical and geographical features, like the old Wiborgite granite, which is named after Vyborg, and glacial formations of up to 20 metres (66 ft) high. In this nature reserve, 50 species of different plants can be found, some of them being rare. Its fauna is diverse as well: the park abounds in numerous birds and animals.

Manor House about 1830


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