Mon amie la rose (album)

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Mon amie la rose
Studio album by Françoise Hardy
Released October 1964 (France)
Recorded Studio Pye
London, United Kingdom
Genre French pop
Length 29:24
Language French
Label Disques Vogue
Producer Jacques Wolfsohn
Françoise Hardy chronology
Françoise Hardy canta per voi in italiano
Mon amie la rose
In Deutschland
Alternative covers
Australian & New Zealand cover (1965)
American cover (1966)

Mon amie la rose is a studio album of the French popular singer Françoise Hardy. Released in France in November 1964 on LP Disques Vogue (FH 2). Published without title, except for her name on the cover but this album has therefore colloquially become known by the title of its most successful song, "Mon amie la rose" ("My friend The Rose").

Hardy recorded an English version of "Dans le monde entier", titled "All Over the World". In 1965, this song reached the Charts in the United Kingdom, remaining there for 15 weeks (at the Top 50 of 25 Mars on 8 July 65 - at the Top 20 from April 29 till June 3[1]). In the Anglophone world, this may be Hardy's best-known song.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Except as noted, lyrics and music were written by Hardy.[3] She is accompanied by the Charles Blackwell orchestra, except for the song "Pourtant tu m’aimes", where she is accompanied by Mickey Baker.

  1. "Je veux qu’il revienne" – 2:41
    Original title: "Only You Can Do It"
    Lyrics and music written by: B. Well (Charles Blackwell)
    First performed by: The Vernons Girls, 1964
    French adaptation by: Françoise Hardy
  2. "Tu n’as qu’un mot à dire" – 2:42
  3. "Tu ne dis rien" – 2:15
  4. "Et même" – 2:00
  5. "Pourtant tu m’aimes" – 2:21
    Original title: "I Still Love Him"
    Lyrics by: Jimmy Cross
    Music written by: Johnny Cole
    First performed by: Joys, 1962[4]
    French adaptation by: Françoise Hardy
  6. "Pars" – 2:15
  7. "Je n’attends plus personne" – 3:09
    Original title: "Non aspetto nessuno"
    Lyrics by: Maccia
    Music written by: Antonio Ciacci
    First performed by: Little Tony, October 1964
    French adaptation by: Françoise Hardy
  8. "La nuit est sur la ville" – 2:17
  9. "Pas gentille" – 2:20
    Original title: "Bad Boy"
    Lyrics and music written by: Marty Wilde[5]
    First performed by: Marty Wilde, December 1959
    French adaptation by: Françoise Hardy
  10. "Dans le monde entier" – 2:31
  11. "Nous étions amies" – 2:35
    Original title: "Eravamo amici"
    Lyrics by: Rossi
    Music written by: C. Combo
    First performed by: Dino, October 1964
    French adaptation by: Françoise Hardy
  12. "Mon amie la rose" – 2:17
    Lyrics by: Cécile Caulier
    Music written by: Cécile Caulier and Jacques Lacome


LP records: first editions in the English-speaking world[edit]

Reissues on CD[edit]

  •  France, 1996: Disques Vogue/Sony-BMG (7432 1 380042).
  •  France, 2015: Mon amie la rose, RDM Edition (CD827).
  •  USA, October 16th 2015: Mon amie la rose, Light in the Attic Records/Future Days Recordings (FDR 616).

Reissue on 180g Vinyl[edit]

Notes and references[edit]

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