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Mona is a neighbourhood in southeastern Saint Andrew Parish, approximately eight kilometres from Kingston, Jamaica. A former sugarcane plantation,[1] it is the site of a reservoir serving the city of Kingston and the main campus of the University of the West Indies. Without any formal definition, Mona is bordered by the neighbouring communities of Liguanea, Hope Pastures, Beverly Hills, August Town, and Papine.[1] Mona is also framed by the north-eastern edge of the Long Mountain range. Mona, more formally known as Mona Heights, is considered as one of the wealthier areas of Kingston and is also regarded as an uptown neighbourhood.


Mona was originally called Yeamans after the family who owned it. The name was changed to Mona circa 1768 after the Roman name for the Isle of Anglesey.[1][2]

Important places in Mona[edit]

  • Jamaica College
  • Mona High School
  • the University of the West Indies,Mona; including the Mona Chapel and the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts
  • the University Hospital of the West Indies
  • the Mona Great House
  • the Mona Reservoir
  • Recreational Fields of the National Water Commission, including the Hockey Field


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