Mona Lisa (EP)

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Mona Lisa
MBLAQ Mona Lisa.jpg
Released July 12, 2011
(see release history)
Recorded 2011
Genre K-pop, dance
Length 20:27
Language Korean
Label J. Tune Camp
MBLAQ chronology
BLAQ Style - 3D Edition
Mona Lisa
100% Ver.
Singles from Mona Lisa
  1. "Mona Lisa"
    Released: July 12, 2011
  2. "I Don't Know"
    Released: September 1, 2011 (Promotional single)

Mona Lisa (Korean: 모나리자) is an EP by South Korean boy band MBLAQ. The album was released online on July 12 and physically on July 15.[1] The online pre-orders started in July 8, 2011. The album consists of six new tracks, and the title track, also called Mona Lisa is a Spanish electronic dance track.[1]


The concept features the members parodying famous historical figures; Seungho chose Papillon, G.O chose James Dean, Joon chose Zorro, Thunder chose Boy George, and Mir chose The Beatles.[1]


The group started promoting the title track "Mona Lisa" starting July 14 on TV music shows such as Mnet's M! Countdown. The song "I Think You Know" was used for the comeback. They finished promoting the song on August 28 and followed with the song "I Don't Know" on September 1. The promotions of the song and the EP ended on September 11.


Bold at the space of "Songs" means promotional singles in each album. All the songs (except Ojos Frios) were written by Rado, Ji-in, Won-taek & DoK2, composed by Rado, Ji-in & Won-taek and arranged by Rado.

No. Title Music Arrangement Length
1. "Ojos Frios [2]" (Bandoneon by 고상지; Go Sang-ji) Rado, Ji-in, Won-taek Go Sang-ji 1:31
2. "Mona Lisa" (모나리자) Lado, Wontaek, Jiin, Dok2 Lado 3:41
3. "I Don't Know" (모르겠어요; Moreugesseoyo) Lado, Wontaek, Jiin, Dok2 Lado 3:34
4. "I Think You Know" (알면서 그래; Almyeonseo Geurae) Lado, Wontaek, Jiin, Dok2 Lado 3:37
5. "One"   Lado, Wontaek, Jiin, Dok2 Lado 4:00
6. "I Shouldn't Have Said It" (말하지 말걸..; Malhaji Malgeol..) Lado, Wontaek, Jiin, Dok2 Jiin, Bahk Chulho 4:04
Total length:


Sales and certifications[edit]

Chart (2011) Amount
Gaon physical sales[6] 41,025

Release history[edit]

Country Date Format Label
South Korea July 12, 2011 Digital download J.Tune Camp
July 15, 2011 CD


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